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Most frequent questions and answers

Is Spacerpad environmental friendly?

Spacerpad is made of 100% polyester, which is a fossil material. If you use fossil materials in disposable products it is not a good deal for the environment. In fact no disposable products are good for the environment, as they take raw materials, production process,  transport, a few hours of use, after which they become waste that must be handled.

If you can reuse a minor number of pads for up to ten years, it gives as little impact as possible. To our knowledge, there are no alternative materials today with the same qualities in terms of resist adhesion and long durability.

Where can I buy Spacerpad?

You can contact us with a request!

Can Spacerpad be used for urinary leakage?

No, Spacerpad is developed for menstrual fluid which has a specific viscosity. But we do research work on the question of how to encapsulate urine by the same containerlike principle.