How to use!

Place your used pad in the yar and let soak for a couple of minutesTo let your used pad soak in water before wash makes it easier to clean.
Wash with soapYour pad can be washed by hand with normal soap or in machine, max 40C/104F. Do not use softener.
Rinse off in waterRinse out menstrual fluid and soap thoroughly in water.
Squeeze your Spacerpad with a towelThe pad will dry faster and can be reused sooner if you squeeze out remaining liquid thoroughly with a towel.
Ventilate until it is completely dryLet the clean pad air out and reuse when completely dry.
Your Spacerpad can now be reused – year after year!Store your pad in a dry clean bag until needed again.

Spacerpad is reusable and is used like a regular pad by attaching it with wings to a panty.

Tip: Do you need to change your pad at work or school, but don’t want to clean it at once? Roll your used Spacerpad and keep it in a jar, add some water and wash it when you get home.