Material & Environment

Spacerpad is made of polyester.  Although a type of plastic, the fact is that most menstrual pads contain a certain amount of plastic to prevent leakage.

Spacerpad minimizes its environmental impact by using as little material as possible. A pad weighs only about 15g, the same weight as a toothbrush. Thanks to its easy care, few products are needed during a menstrual period. Wash tests shows that Spacerpad’s material and construction contributes to a long lifespan. Reusing is better than recycling! 

There are no chemical additives, such as biocides, in Spacerpad. At the end of the product’s lifecycle, most of the material can in principle be recycled, even if that process is not yet fully developed. In theory, the core can be materially recycled, but in practice this becomes cumbersome. We keep up to date on material research and the goal is to develop a system for recycling.