About us

Spacerpad has been developed within the framework of a multidisciplinary innovation project at the University of Borås. The question of how menstrual hygiene for girls, women and menstruating women can be facilitated was compared with which textile products could be used.

The development started when Karin Högberg, FD in nursing science, saw a need for a smart menstrual protection solution for girls, women and menstruating women who live in environments with weak infrastructure for water and sewage (WASH). Such an environment is often combined with economic poverty, which creates an undignified vulnerability for the person who is menstruating. Spacerpad was then developed at The Textile University in Borås. A sanitary pad with a long lifespan reduces costs and create calm and safety.

The process was based on the menstrual cup as a model, as it is ingenious in its construction – but not always accepted or sufficient. There was room for a pad with similar properties; functional, reusable, easy to maintain and inexpensive over time. A menstrual cup holds tightly due to its vacuum, but the corresponding possibility does not exist for a sanitary pad. The solution was a unique liquid-retaining and at the same time fast-drying construction.

Spacerpad AB was founded in 2019. Today we are a driven team that believe we can make a difference.

We make up 1/3 of the committed Spacerpad team! With a background in various industries and specializations, we unite to pursue one shared goal: to promote equal and sustainable menstrual hygiene for everyone who menstruates.

Spacerpad would be little without surrounding organizations and advocates committed to ensuring menstrual rights and hygiene for all. Everyones dedication is what truly makes a difference!

Spacerpad is moving forward thanks to so many individual advocates. Here, we want to highlight our incredible spacerpad users and ambassadors. Their efforts in spreading the word about Spacerpad is crucial!